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The hip hop style was born on the streets and later brought onto the dance floor. Hip hop is one of the fastest growing styles in the world. A sweaty dance style with a lot of attitude and alternative form of expression. Training starts with a thorough warm up, which includes strength training and agility exercises. We work with the coolest choreographies and the hottest beats of the time, where we also attach great importance to personal development.

Breakdance is an acrobatic form of street dance that originated in the streets of New York City. The dance form itself draws inspiration from many other styles: everything from standard and Latin dance to acrobatics, martial arts, capoeira and spring gymnastics

When: Tuesday (5-8 years) and Thursday (8-12 years)
Duration: 45 min.


With HipHop as the main element, cool choreographies are filled with attitude and expression. The choreographies are filmed in cool places, where attitude and performance techniques are simultaneously being worked on. Every month, dance footage is filmed that anyone can work towards. There is a lot of focus on expression and working with your shyness. The videos are posted on YouTube. The training starts with a warmup, stretching and agility, as well as basic steps and choreography.

Duration: 45 min.



In this class HipHop is a key element, just with a girly twist. The HipHop Girly classes work on HipHop’s endless techniques and steps, with a modern and strong feminine expression. At the same time, we have a lot of focus on attitude. Furthermore, they work with performance techniques, shyness and expression, as the two performances of the season are trained. With inspiration from the hottest HipHop artists of the time, choreographies are created with music from female icons, such as Beyoncé and Rihanna. The teams start with a warm-up with agility and basic steps followed by a choreography.

Duration: 45 min. 


MTV Showdance is for those who love to listen to the latest big hits and to watch cool music videos. The dance is inspired by the greatest artists of the time such as Ariana Grande, Christopher, Shawn Mendes, Little Mix, Cardi B. and others. The choreography is easy and accessible to everyone. So, if you want to dance like your idol, MTV Showdance is just for you.

Duration: 45 min.



Funky Hot Mamas is a very popular adult class at Danseplaneten. Are you already a star on the dance floor? Or don’t you have a rhythm in your body? It doesn’t matter – everyone can follow Funky Hot Mamas. The goal of the dance lessons is to have fun, move your body and keep your heart rate up. The movements are inspired by hip hop and funk. Funky Hot Moms are for all women who want to dance, get fit and leave the classes with renewed energy and a joy of life. You don’t have to come to every class if your calendar doesn’t allow it, because we do a new dance / choreography every week.

Duration: 60 min.


Here we develop the children’s natural joy of dancing while we also develop their gross motor skills with the help of rhythm, play and dance. We learn some of the traditional children dances, but we also dance to some of the biggest kids’ songs, that your kids guaranteed will know. They will get a good posture and a stimulus that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Danseplaneten would like to be a part of your child’s fun and educational leisure.

Duration: 45 min.



The lesson is built around classical ballet, but at Danseplaneten we play around with concepts. That is, we opt out of the rigorous discipline that is often characterized by ballet, and instead go after dance joy and the desire to use the body. We practice balance, technique, basic steps, coordination, strength and leaps, and do light dance choreographies with music that the children know. Classical ballet is eminently basic training for most other styles, and is therefore used by many dancers to balance, stand correctly and move with strength and grace.

Duration: 45 min.


The starting point is the music and the dance style what was popular at the given time. We dance rock ‘n roll to the rocky rhythms of the 50’s. Twist to the ’60s Beatles. 70s disco stage in the best John Travolta style. Pop and grand prix party from the 80s, as well as modern funk and showdance moves from the ’00s and’ 10s. All the biggest hits are included, and it’s hard not to skimp on the songs that burst out of the speakers! The Hit Fit Dance class is for all ages and all levels, as there will be music and steps for everyone. So, look forward to a super-hot and educational dance session where both the pulse and the mood are top notch…. – it can’t be avoided!

Duration: 60 min.

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This class is about telling a story. Contemporary dance is quirky and experimental, and it plays with the rules and boundaries of the classical styles. You will get to do classical ballet, lyrical contemporary as well as other fusion styles, where blends of different styles complement each other. We will work on everything from ballet technique, agility, floorwork, to floor jumping, balance, expression and narrative. In addition, the focus is on creating an environment that allows students to explore and develop their own creativity and expression in dance. Everyone is welcome as the team is for both beginners and advanced dancers.

Duration: 45 min.


Dance, yoga, strength, gymnastics and functional training – all linked together in a long flow of exercises. Result: lots of energy, a strong body and a high spirit. Soma Move is a form of exercise where the goal is to achieve a balanced and strong body so that you can move freely and at the same time prevent stiff muscles, pain and injuries. The training is composed of exercises in a flow that will increase your strength, fitness, mobility, stability and balance. The training takes place barefoot. The athletic and soft movements flow on powerful breaths for inspiring energy-filled music.

Duration: 60 min.

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Tik Tok is the name of a social media, which is a huge hit among children and young teens. You will choose a piece of music to do a choreography to and then film yourself. The video is shared publicly on Danseplanetens closed group on Instagram or Facebook. It is a fun and educational dance lesson where creativity and imagination are freely played, and at the same time you learn to dance in an innovative and fun way.

Duration: 45 min.


Fortnite is a world-renowned computer game with over 500 million users. And they haven’t just taken the game in by playing it, they have also captured all of the games dance moves and are now trying to emulate them. This class is based on the Fortnite world, with a twist of HipHop moves. We put the Fortnite steps together in small choreographies so that students actually learn to dance in a fun and experiential way. We work with rhythm, body control, music understanding and attitude. If you love Fortnite, dancing and having fun, this team is just for you.

Duration: 45 min.

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This class is for advanced dancers, who are looking for challenges and further development on their dance journey. You must have a minimum of 4 years’ experience to be able to join the class, as the level is high. It is expected that you will master the basic techniques and have an understanding of music and body control. The class is taught by a new teacher every month – this teacher will be an expert in the new dance style and can thus go into depth with choreography and expression. Students will become acquainted with the following styles, HipHop, Contemporary, L.A Style, Experimental, Girly, AfroHouse and others

Duration: 60 min.


HipHop Experimental is a fusion of HipHop styles, House and Modern. Your imagination, your self-awareness, and your movements will be developed through music, choreography and creativity. You will learn to express and challenge yourself. In addition to the current hits of the time, house and electronic music are also danced.

Duration: 60 min.

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Contemporary is very versatile and can be danced to almost any type of music. It is a merge between ballet, modern dance, hip hop, house and jazz. You will learn to express feelings and moods through the dance. Contemporary is very theatrical. We train technique, floor work, agility, choreography, drama and freestyle.

In addition to the weekly training of 90 minutes, you will also get a photoshoot, a concept video shoot, acting lessons and a weekend trip to London.

At the same time, we will be working on putting on a show for the end of the season.

Duration: 90 min.


In the competition classes we compete for competitions such as HipHop International, HipHop Unite and UDO. The competition classes are an opportunity to develop your dance technique, as well as other skills. Danseplaneten is one of the most winning dance schools in Denmark.

Find all our competition teams on the schedule page.

Questions regarding registration for competition teams are sent to info@danseplaneten.dk