Amir has taught for approximately 30 years in a lot of different styles – he is what you would call a “super teacher”. Amir teaches all ages with a great passion and love for dancing – which rub off on his students. You can always recognize the joy of dancing and the good energy it will spread throughout his classes.

Amir is incredibly pedagogical. He understands the movement patterns of the body, and how to put together a teaching lesson. This means that everyone learns to dance and feel comfortable while getting a proper dose of self-confidence.

Amir has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years, where he has tried everything from background choreographer to music star in the late 90’s and 00’s with his own band “Toybox” which became a giant world success. With all his experience and know-how, Amir can help all of his students achieve their dreams and goals, in a sometimes chaotic entertainment industry.


Natasha is a fresh, welcoming and energetic dance teacher who creates an incredible atmosphere for the students in her classes.

Dance is Natasha’s passion, which she has made a living of since 2014. She has participated in countless shows, traveled the world, and has performed at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen and in Tivoli, among other places.
Natasha has two professional dance educations and has won both silver and bronze for the Zealand and Denmark’s Championship.

Natasha has been dancing since she was 7 years old, mastering most styles such as HipHop (Old School, New School), Freestyle HipHop, LA Style, MTV Dance, Children’s Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Showdance, Contemporary, House, Ragga / Dancehall, Popping, Bollywood, Kathak (Classical Indian dance).


Marie has completed two dance educations – Hotstepper Dance Education and Copenhagen Dance Education.
Because the two educations are very different, she has a lot of different experience’s that she uses in her teaching.

Marie is very much involved in the personal development of her students and always takes time to provide individual feedback.

Her class is called “Urban Contemporary”, which involves all the good and raw choreography of the underground, mixed with the artistic from Contemporary, where some super delicious music is added.


Dancing means everything to Magnus and he is honored to be able to share it with his students. He primarily dances HipHop, but he also has experience and therefor takes inspiration from other styles, such as Dancehall, LA Style, Locking, Showdance, Rock n ‘Roll, House and more.

Most people who have danced competitive know Magnus from TEAM EXCEPTIONS, here he has been defending the Danish championship of HipHop for 4 consecutive years and has won the World Cup in Scotland in 2016.

As an instructor on the competition team, he will develop his students’ technique, performance, attitude, fitness and also spark the joy of dancing. Social cohesion and the community are at the top of his priority list.


Pernille has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has danced everything from Disco, Standard, Latin, Ballet to HipHop. Later she chose to focus on HipHop and Showdance on a competition level.

Pernille has won the Danish Championship several times since, and she has competed for championships in Europe and worldwide. Pernille is extremely competent to teach, creating a god and relaxing atmosphere in her classes.

Pernille is a strong, competent and versatile dancer. She has danced for artists such as Nik & Jay, Nabiha, Aura, Cecilia, Toybox, The Golden Girl, Hassanshah, Djämes Braun, and for events such as Color Run, The Voice ’16, Club Awards, We Love The 90s and X-Factor DK.


Eddy is a young, ambitious and dedicated choreographer and dancer. He is one of the very few, who has won anything that can be won.

Eddy is known for his outstanding skills as a freestyle dancer and is one of the very best in Denmark. Among other things, he has won a European Championship (both Competition and Battle) and a World Cup.

In Denmark, together with his former classes, he has won the Kaufmann Cup for four consecutive years. With his students, Eddy will focus on developing their technique and giving them performance attitudes.


Dancing has meant a lot for Daniella Lappin since her childhood. She is classically trained and was a competition dancer in the style of disco as a young teenager.

Daniella took her professional dance education at Stepz, where styles such as classical ballet, horton and graham technique, jazz, contemporary, heels, hip-hop and house were part of the weekly schedule. During her education, choreographers quickly opened their eyes to Daniella’s talent.

Daniella has participated in countless TV appearances, shows on stage in several continents and made music videos for e.g. Christopher, Medina and Alex Vargas. Daniella recently opened her own dance company, Lappin Creatives, which is an entertainment agency which holds Denmark’s most talented dancers.


Sitthichai graduated from Hotstepper 1-year HipHop & Urban Dance Education,
as well as Spahi Dance Education and has been working as a dancer and teacher ever since.

His credits include artists such as Cisilia, Electrick Village, Adam Daniel, Skinz, Mund De Carlo, and he has toured both at home and abroad with Toy-Box. He has also danced for TV2, JD Sports, Club Award, NCC, Alm. Brand et al.

Sitthichai’s classes focus on performance, detail and mentality. He has many years of experience teaching dancers of different age groups and has taught in both Denmark and abroad.
Sitthichai is incredibly educational and always brings the best out in his students.


Victoria is a versatile teacher with a wide range of different genres behind her – though with Experimental Contemporary and Pop Commercial as her top skills. She is very dedicated and ambitious.

Victoria is a recent graduate of the professional dance education Copenhagen Dance Education and has taken the STAgE Program led by Simon Glæsel, focusing on the commercial dance industry. In addition, she has made countless dance performances, photoshoots and concept videos, as well as trained in L.A and N.Y.

In Victoria’s classes, she attaches great importance to developing the individual dancer, as well as performance and development in flexibility and fitness.


Hari has been dancing since he was 13 years old. He has knowledge of different genres such as HipHop, Jazz, Modern etc.

His classes are always energized and pleasant. He focuses on learning and challenging his students – always with a good atmosphere.

Hari has participated and won various titles in the DM, European Championship and World Cup competition, and he has participated in various music and advertising videos, as well as other performance jobs.


Lulu Safia is a young fresh and cool girl who loves everything about dancing and loves to teach others.

Lulu is self-taught, but really started to move into the dance community in 2015. Lulu teaches HipHop, and she focuses on extending the movements of her routines – even if the pace is sometimes moving fast.

Lulu focuses particularly on her classes being fun and that the students have room to be themselves and to develop.


Artit is an established teacher in the dance community. He has been teaching for many years, both in Denmark and abroad. He has competed at several events, and previously won the UDO, Kaufmann Cup, HipHop Unite, and got 2nd place for HipHop International DK.

Artit is the director of SB Family, which consists of a group of young people whom he teaches freely, to give them the tools to establish themselves in the dance community.
At the same time, he runs a variety of dance projects, such as AC Projects and Community Dance Workshop.

The last time you saw Artit, was as a member of the Champions League Family group – who became No. 3 in Denmark Has Talent Final 2018. Artit is ready for exciting new projects at Danseplaneten.


Nikoline has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She is very passionate about her dance, and has experience in both Girly / Commercial, HipHop and Contemporary. Nikoline is very focused on her students having fun while being challenged and learning.

Nikoline has danced in competitions for many years – she has two 1-year programs from Denmark (Stepz and Copenhagen Contemporary), and also holds a Bachelor of Modern Dance from NCDS in Leeds / England.

 While living in England, Nikoline taught at Koby Studio in Leeds, where she had a competition team, which won their category in the SOAR Street Championship UK. Nikoline has appeared in theatrical performances and has choreographed performances in both England and Denmark.


Helene has been dancing since she was 4 years old. Mostly HipHop and Showdance, but also Girly.

In 2018 she took the international FP’s dance training in versatile dance. In 2020, she will take the International Dance Academy degree, where she will visit L.A., and be taught by the best teachers in the world.

In Helen’s classes, it is all about having fun and learning a lot. At the same time, the development of the individual student is a central element of Helen’s teaching.


Gabrielle is 23 years old. Dancing is an indispensable part of her life and she has been dancing since she was little. Gabrielle has taught for approximately 4 years and have had both competitive classes but have also taught the youngest classes.

Gabrielle has danced in various musicals, shows and music videos. Her teaching is based on expressing herself through dance and developing, both motorically and musically. It is extremely important to her that the cool and creative thing about dance is something you share with each other, so it is all in a flow of good energy.

Gabrielle takes her classes with a smile and wants you to feel welcome. She always adapts her teaching to her students, challenging them in the right ways. Most of all, she makes sure they leave their classes and have had a good time!


Julia is often seen in the biggest TV shows in Denmark, such as X-Factor, Melodi Grand Prix, Denmark Has Talent, Sports Galla and more. She has also participated in various shows and music videos for both Danish and foreign artists.

Julia has taught competition teams at Danseplaneten for 3 years with great results, and this year she has Code Red and Raw Skillz.

With Julia, the focus is on development and challenges. But the most important thing for her is that all the students feel welcome and leave her classes filled with a joy for dancing.


Andrea is a former student at Danseplaneten and has been dancing at the highest level for many years. She has won several dance competitions and is a very ambitious and dedicated dancer.

Andrea has been a helper for many years and has developed tremendously as a dance teacher. She is now ready to unveil her own class.

Andrea is incredibly good at children and manages to meet them at eye level. At the same time, she is very aware of the individual child’s development. But most importantly, Andrea wants it to be fun and educational to take dance classes.